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CAMCORP experts have the experience in the latest filtration and pneumatic conveying technologies and have engineered unique solutions for a wide range of Industrial applications.


Products include:

Dust Collection Systems

Baghouse Dust Collectors
Pulse-Jet Dust Collector, Reverse-Air Dust Collector, Medium Pressure Dust Collector, Explosion Containment, and Portable Dust Collectors and Systems.

Cartridge Dust Collectors
Vertical Cartridge Dust Collector, and Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collectors and systems. 

Cyclone Dust Collectors
Standard Efficiency and high Efficacy Cyclones, Multi-Clones

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Dilute and Dense Phase Pressure Conveying Equipment and Systems.
Dilute Phase Vacuum Conveying System

Central Vacuum Systems
One Operator Central Vacuum System
Multiple Operator Central Vacuum System
Filter/Receiver Dust Collectors

Baghouse Design
Cartridge Design

Rotary Lobe Blower Packages
Pressure Blower Package
Vacuum Blower Package

Conveying Line & Components
Diverter Valves
Scale Hoppers, Surge Hoppers, Bins and Silos

Bulk Material Handling Systems

Storage Silos
Fully Welded Silo
Bolted Silo

Bulk Bag Unloaders
Fork Lift Loading Bulk Bag Unloader
Integral Hoist Bulk Bag Unloader

Rotary Airlocks
Cast Rotary Airlock
Fabricated Rotary Airlock

Bin Vent Dust Collectors
Top Bag Access Design
Side/Bottom Bag Access Design

Bag Dump Stations
Vented Bag Dump
Non-Vented Bag Dump

Hand-Add Stations
Vented Hand Dump
Non-Vented Hand Dump

Gravity Diverter Valves
Air Actuated Diverter Valve
Manually Operated Diverter Valve

Storage Bins
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