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Clean Gas Systems

offers its products and services with a commitment to continue to solve industrial air pollution problems. CGS products and systems are designed to achieve the highest performance with on-line reliability, minimum downtime, minimum expenditure and lowest maintenance requirements.


Products include:


Cyclone Collectors

CGS Cyclone Collectors are designed to achieve high dust collection efficiencies at low pressure drops. they can satisfy the most stringent air pollution control laws and/or product recovery requirements.

Wet Scrubbers

These types of units provide virtually maintenance free service. Fine dust particles are captured by a self-cleaning wet fan providing an overall collection efficiency of 99% for particles larger than 1 micron.

Gas Absorbers

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator provides 99% + removal efficiency for submicron particles at minimum pressure drop. For applications where a precleaning stage is required, CGS' Multiventuri Scrubber/Gas Absorber is included.
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