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The TL Maddox Company can engineer, design, and supply a wide range of Industrial baghouses, (round or rectangular), cyclones, and scrubbers in a variety of  packed tower, venturi, and electrostatic designs. Plus oxidizers of the thermal, regen, RTO, and catalytic types. As well as, biofilters, for order control, equipment and systems.

Representing the following companies:


CAMCORP experts have the experience in the latest filtration and pneumatic conveying technologies and have engineered unique solutions for a wide range of Industrial applications.


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Clean Gas Systems

offers its products and services with a commitment to continue to solve industrial air pollution problems. CGS products and systems are designed to achieve the highest performance with on-line reliability, minimum downtime, minimum expenditure and lowest maintenance requirements.


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Schust Engineering

Schust Engineering, Inc. is a proven designer and supplier of air pollution control technologies for today’s industrial environments.


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