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Stearns Magnetics

The Stearns Magnetics product line, a Division of Ohio Magnetics, covers the entire spectrum from municipal refuse and scrap handling systems, to systems for removing tramp iron to protect processing equipment.


Products Include:

Drum-Type Separators

    Electromagnetic Drum Separators
        Radial Pole LD Drum
        Axial Pole LD Drum
    Permanent Magnet Drum Separators
        LDP Magnet Drum
       Series 510/520/530 Ceramic 8 PM Drum
    WPD (Wet Permanent Drum)
       HV High Volume WPD for High Volume Heavy Media Applications

Over-the-Belt Separators

Permanent Magnet Suspended Separators
Electromagnetic Suspended Separators

Magnetic Pulleys

Permanent Magnet Pulleys
Electromagnetic Pulleys

Plate Magnets

Grate Magnets

Floor/Road Sweepers

Push-Type Floor Sweepers
Yard Sweepers
Forklift-Type Sweepers
Self-Contained Pull-Type Road Sweepers 
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