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The TL Maddox Company can engineer design and supply a wide range of Industrial boiler economizers, condensing economizers, waste heat boilers, and air to air and gas to liquid heat exchangers. Also, air preheaters and cooling towers, both pack.aged and field erected.

We represent the following companies:

Delta Cooling Towers

Delta manufactures Packaged Cooling Towers for critical service applications that cannot afford maintenance costs and downtime of galvanized sheet metal towers. Delta’s cooling towers come with an industry leading 15 Year Warranty on the unitarily molded cooling tower casing.


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E-Tech custom manufactures products to fit your applications flawlessly. Their engineering expertise becomes especially valuable to customers seeking to retrofit an existing system.


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Kentube pioneered the development of high frequency resistance welded finned tubes in the United States, and contributed to the development of the process in Italy, Belgium, Japan and India. Established in 1962, Kentube has been at the forefront of more finned tube product development work than any other finning company in the world.


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